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Important Announcement
EA Games has shut down the in-game browser You can still access our servers via direct IP, Be sure to bookmark our website so you will always have our IPs handy.

Alternatives for browsing MOH servers:

Medal of Honor: Web Server Master List - Browse servers via a webpage.

Medal of Honor: Game Server Browser Fixer - Patches your MOHAA, MOHSH, and MOHBT game binaries to allow you to retrieve a list of game servers within the multi-player menu in-game even after GameSpy ceases operation!

Medal of Honor: Query Launcher - Browse and join MOH servers directly from your computer.

{NAG} Mohaa Custom Maps

Don’t miss out on the fun when we play custom maps!  They are a blast!  If you do not have our custom maps installed, you will not be able to get into the server while we are playing them.

This pack has the custom maps that we run, including the holiday maps and some great objective maps. To install the maps, download the zip and extract the files.

1) Place the Pk3 files in your mohaa/main folder.
2) Right click on THIS ardennes sound file and save it in your mohaa/main/sound/ambient stereo folder.
3) Right click on THIS Ugotstochill sound file and save it in your mohaa/main/sound/ambient folder.

This zip was last updated 12/15/13.

Download here.

Home of the original rocket grenades and shotgun rockets! Play fair and have fun!
Welcome to {NAG} Afterhours.

Play fair and have fun!