April 23rd, 2014

Mohaa Custom Skins

Skins, skins and more skins!

Custom skins add individuality and fun to the game. This is the collection of player skins that we use on our server. There is everything from custom war skins to silly skins such as Ronald McDonald and Spider Man. If you would like us to add your skin to our server, just email it to us and we would be happy to add it.

To install the skins, save the zip file to your desktop and then extract (unzip) the pk3 files directly into your moh/main folder. Do not unzip the individual pk3 files. If you need help doing this, please e-mail us

All Custom Skins – These packs include all of the custom skins that we use on our server.  Due to the large number of custom skins, I have broken them up into multiple downloads.

To download pack #1, click here.

To download pack #2, click here.

Holiday Skins – If you don’t want to download the full skin packs, you can download the holiday only skins here.

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